Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicks & Ammo

The New York Times reported this week that there has been a significant rise in the demand for baby chicks as Americans seek self-sufficiency in the quest to take control of their lives during this "dismal recession". And it's not only in rural areas that this is happening: people in Brooklyn are keeping chickens too. Neither is the matter about the money. There's no profit to be made in keeping chickens: fiscally, you break even. However, there's profound satisfaction reported on the joy of knowing where your chicken came from: disease, pest, anti-biotic and hormone free chicks that are high on life and whatever you feed it. Eggs are an important source of protein if you can't stomach meat and a chicken will lay enough eggs for your weekly diet.

So, says the New York Times and I agree, if laymen are raising chickens and saying there's no money to be made in it, it's tempting to wonder how a hot roasted chicken can be a couple of dollars and be entirely healthful. In fact, god only knows what you're putting in your belly.

The Times article also reported that sales of ammunition have markedly risen which has been big news all over the country since Obama came into office. Although, I'm pretty sure that it's because Republicans are expecting Obama to confiscate their guns. In fact, it's their assault weaponry that the Republicans are sniffling over. How many assault rifles do you need? I read somewhere that, come the apocalypse, there'll only be four horsemen, so isn't an Uzi overdoing it somewhat?


  1. Why is it that the big tough Republican cowboys are so scared shitless all the time? I mena, liberals live in dangerous cities with millions of other unarmed people, and they are mostly completely unfazed. Most conservatives living in the middle of bum fuck nowhere are so terrified that they barricade themselves in trailors armed to the teeth waiting for the end which never comes. the same people that go apeshit and try to kill everything any time they feel even eremotely threatened, even if it is irrational. It is fear...plain unadulterated pussiness. Liberals have the balls to walk home from the pub unarmed at 3am in Brooklyn; conservatives wet themselves at the thought of someone walking up the country road

  2. See, here's why we click the "moderate comments" box, frugal bachelor.

  3. You had me at "see." Hilarious. Consider me a new reader.

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